Rhythmics School of Kathak Dance

  • Date: May 27, 2023
  • Time: 2:20 pm2:40 pm
  • Session Type: Dance Performance

Rhythmics School of Kathak Dance (RSKD) is San Antonio’s premier kathak institution. Kathak is a form of North Indian classical dance, defined by the art of expressive storytelling through the dance, emphasized by ankle bells, fast spins and intricate hand movements RSKD is committed to serving students of all ages, and backgrounds in their dance journeys while encouraging a love of culture, tradition and the performing arts. We are dedicated to make dance accessible and inclusive, bridging diverse cultures and audiences to inculcate an appreciation of the creative arts. RSKD presents classic works alongside newer contemporary works involving collaborations with musicians, poets, and dancers from varying genres which enables the school to appeal to and entertain a wide range of audience members.